Women’s empowerment

discussion at the launch workshop

Report of group (day 1 - outcomes)

Report of group (day 2 - planning)

Rough notes from Alan on Day 1 group work:

Women’s empowerment

Intersections between women and legumes

- Key role in production and post-harvest handling
  • Not consulted in decision making on resource allocation
  • Not involved in marketing large quantities of produce
  • Lack access to business development services
  • Lack labour saving technologies

- Capacity (knowledge and skills) is low because culture prevents them participating in trainings

How could better women’s empowerment lead to better legume production and vice versa?

- Need to involve key stakeholders in the project to address gender disparities
- Sensitize households on need to fully engage women in the project
- Training should target women
- Link women to networks that can help them access financial services and alternative energy, labour-saving technologies etc.