discussion at the launch workshop

Report of group (day 1 - outcomes)

Report of group (day 2 - planning)

Rough notes from Alan on Day 1 discussion:


Key intersections between livestock-legumes
- Legume residues fed to livestock
- Animal power
- Animal manure

How could greater attention to livestock lead to more and better integration of legumes?

- improved livestock management increases animal power improves field preparation and hence yields
- Better manure management leads to better yields

How could better legume management increase livestock productivity?

- More grain yield = more livestock feed
- Proper harvesting to reduce leaf shatter could improve livestock production
- More processing of legume residues e.g. crushing of faba bean straw could improve nutritive value
- Selection of legume varieties that of indeterminate types that produce biomass for longer
- Breed for varieties that retain leaves
- More emphasis on climbing legumes as living stands e.g. intercropping with maize or intercropping with leguminous trees
- Breeders need to think about fodder traits of legumes