Multi-stakeholder Platforms

discussion at the launch workshop

- Map existing networks
  • E.g. SNV – chickpea (Debre Zeit), noug, niger seed, linseed, barley, haricot bean (Shashemene, Adama)
  • ACDI –VOCA – chickpea (Wolliso), sesame, wheat, honey, coffee,
- Decide on scope of MSP’s for N2 Africa
  • Focused on locations or commodities? Debre Zeit for chickpea
  • How do MSP’s relate to PPP work? How formal should MSP’s be?
  • Think about scale – nested platforms? Regional and local platforms?
- Preliminary context analysis – characterize innovation system.
  • Mapping of key actors
  • Identification of key issues for each value chain (some generic issues)
- Develop ToR’s of N2Africa platforms
  • Who facilitates? Probably facilitated by NGO with documentation by project.
  • MSP financing –Per diem policy? Logistics.
  • Actions at what level – production, trade, policy?
  • Leading to MoU?
- Convene initial meetings and develop actions
  • Gather actors
  • Identify VC constraints
  • Design and implementing actions via rolling action plan
  • Follow up of action plan to ensure progress
- Monitoring. How to assess success? No of business arrangements emerging from platforms? Sale volumes? Number of sector issues addressed?